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06.06.2018 | Альбина Весина

Results of the Moscow Fashion Industry Forum

May 31 in the framework of Moscow Entrepreneurship Week, which was held in the capital from May 28 to June 1 with the support of the Moscow Government, the first Moscow Fashion Industry Forum.The forum was attended by more than 40 speakers from Russia and abroad and about 2,000 guests from among representatives of business, government, professional community and interested citizens. The exposition of the innovation exhibition, held at one of the sites of the creative space, presented more than a dozen innovative projects – modern technological solutions in the field of Internet commerce, production and sales.



Speakers of the panel discussion:In lad Lisovets, Igor Gulyaev, Konstantin Andrikopoulos, Andrey Burmatikov, Georgy Rostovshchikov, Anna Lebsak-Kleimans, Ekaterina Darma, Igor Andreev, Christophe Guillarm noted the importance of holding such an event for urban development and supporting the initiatives of the creative community of Moscow. In the fashion industry, the interaction between all its structural components should be meaningful and productive.

According to retail and export professionals, it is in Moscow that the largest number of commercially successful brands are concentrated today. Moscow can rightfully claim to be the capital of fashion, as in terms of logistics, education, communication and production, this is really a great starting point. The speakers paid special attention to fashion education and to the opportunities existing in Moscow for obtaining education in the fashion industry, which today is becoming an indispensable step for building a successful business in this industry.


Ways of development and support of the fashion industry in the capital discussed with the participants of Moscow Fashion Industry Forum and the head of the city Sergey Sobyanin. The Mayor of Moscow not only noted the need to create a unified operating system in the field of fashion and design, but also talked about specific ways to implement it. At a meeting with industry representatives, a project was announced to create a citywide fashion hub, on the basis of which all representatives of the fashion community will be able to interact.

The Forum was attended by Ksenia Sobchak, Yana Raskovalova, Aysel Trudel, Artem Krivda, Galina Yudashkina, Daria Veledeeva, Natalia Sergunina, Alexey Fursin.



Iconic speakers of the forum sessions from Russia and abroad (Tony Ward, Christophe Guillarmé, Natalie Cantell, Diana Pernet, Antonio Federico) discussed the problems and strategic directions of development of all spheres of the fashion industry. Each venue for the sections barely accommodated those who wished, and the free and relaxed atmosphere of each section and a huge number of listeners contributed to the fact that the speakers did not leave their halls for a long time, answering questions, exchanging contacts, sharing experiences with forum participants after the speeches.



The performance of TherrMaitz – one of the main sensations in Russian music of recent years was the perfect conclusion of a landmark fashion event for Moscow.

According to the organizers of the forum, speakers, guests and numerous participants, on this day it was really possible to fulfill the main task of providing the necessary conditions for rapprochement and productive interaction of established fashion market players, young entrepreneurs in the fashion industry and those who are still striving to connect with her his professional activity.

Experience of The Moscow Fashion Industry Forum shows that within the framework of such events, not only the exchange of experience, ideas and contacts is possible, but also a real joint movement of all components of the structure of the fashion industry to a competitive and profitable brand "Made in Russia". Made in Moscow».


Photos provided by the organizers