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04.03.2019 | Лидия Соколова

Piquadro enters Formula 1 stages

Italian premium accessories brand Piquadro has announced the start of work with the Formula 1 championship. Piquadro became the official supplier of accessories and luggage of the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team for the duration of the 2019 World Championship. Just five months ago Piquadro became a partner of the Italian football club Milan and here is a new decisive step forward. The brand has moved to the highest level in the world of motorsport, having received the status of an official partner Formula 1.


Piquadro enters Formula 1 stages


To equip the team Piquadro provided innovative backpacks and suitcases on wheels from the collection dedicated to the opening of the new season, starting on March 15 with the Australian Grand Prix. And two star racers from the team Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly will represent the brand in the new advertising campaign Piquadro.


Formula 1 is a real World Championship, and the global nature of our sport means that we are almost always on the move. Therefore, we are glad that Piquadro has become part of our team. Their attention to design, detail, quality and technology is fully consistent with our values. Therefore, we believe that they are the perfect brand to join us in the new season

Christian Horner, captain of the Aston Martin Red Bull racing team


The backpack made of genuine leather Urban thanks to the technologyBagmotic connects to a smartphone. The application Piquadro Connequ connects a backpack with a modern gadget via Bluetooth and sends a signal about the loss or theft of luggage.Inside the backpack there is a special pocket Powerbank for inductive charging of the smartphone. In addition, the backpack is equipped with a combination lock and a special compartment for a purse, protected from scanning via PayPass. And thanks to the convenient and quick-opening compartment for the computer, it is easy and simple to get it and put it back when checking hand luggage at the check-in points at the airport.


Another accessory created for the racing team Aston Martin Red Bull Racing was the suitcase PiQ3, made of ultra-light and heavy-duty polycarbonate of the latest generation. Thanks to the excellent shock absorption of the wheels, it is very quiet, and at the same time easy to care for and very reliable. He is not afraid of falling or scratching.  


"We decided to become partners of the racing team Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Team, because we are their loyal fans and we rejoice in every success! In addition, motorsport is very technological, and in this we also see the essence of the Piquadro brand, which is always in search of more technological standards," said Marco Palmieri, founder and president of Piquadro. – Creating things that would match the quality required Max Verstappen, By Pierre Gasly, By Christian Horner and other team members, this is a high bar. The guys are constantly traveling around the world, being a real role model and the pride of millions of people, so we try to make these moves the most comfortable. Every customer of the brand Piquadro "this is a kind of champion, and champions deserve to travel exclusively first class, in every sense."


Photo: Piquadro