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23.03.2017 | Лидия Соколова

Opening of the third stage of Vnukovo Outlet Village

Vnukovo Outlet Village completed the opening of the 3rd stage, which started in December 2016. The total area of the new space is 10.5 thousand sq.m., of which 6.1 thousand sq.m. have been allocated for retail space.


Significant changes have occurred in the composition of the Bosco brand group. Bosco Donna and Bosco Bambino multi-brands have moved into the new building, and a new Bosco Pi store has opened, which presents premium segment brands. At the same time, mono-boutiques Corneliani, Ermano Scervino, Moschino and La Perla opened on the vacated areas of the second stage.



Thanks to the opening of the 3rd stage, the list of stores Vnukovo Outlet Village has also been replenished with such brands as Charisma, Giovanni Botticelli, Gabbiaci, Calipso, El Tempo, Salamander, Shoiberg, Tervolina, Elena Shipilova, Valtera Outlet, «Cashmere and Silk».


The expansion of the project is funded by Vnukovo Outlet Village , the total area of which at the moment is 57.5 thousand sq.m. and includes 140 shops of various levels, a grocery supermarket Azbuka Vkusa, several restaurants, a unique Angry Birds Park play area and a forest park area for family leisure. A distinctive feature of Vnukovo Outlet Village is the presence of a large number of luxury and premium segment brands.


The first stage of Vnukovo Outlet Village was opened in May 2013. Since its opening, the project continues to gain popularity among both buyers and tenants. To date, the facility has been fully commissioned.