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09.04.2024 | Милена Мисоченко

MET Gala 2024: theme, dress code and literary inspiration

Fashion's biggest evening, the MET Gala, is held annually at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The Costume Institute Ball will take place on the first Monday in May, and this year's theme was "Sleeping Beauties: The Awakening of Fashion." The exhibition will feature approximately 250 rare pieces from the Costume Institute's permanent collection, many of which have rarely been seen in public.

Exhibits of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Spanning 400 years of fashion history, the exhibition will feature designs from renowned fashion houses such as Schiaparelli, Dior, Givenchy and many more.

Some of the exhibits, too fragile to be worn, such as Charles Frederick Worth's 1877 ballgown, will be presented through video animation, light projection, artificial intelligence, CGI and other forms of sensory stimulation.

Andrew Bolton, curator of the Costume Institute, and Wendy Yu, in charge of the exhibition, spoke about the concept of the exhibition.

The exhibition will be divided into three main zones: Earth, Sea and Sky, each of which will pay homage to the natural world.

Andrew Bolton described the exhibition as: an ode to nature and the emotional poetics of fashion.

Official dress code for the Garden of Time event. 

Inspired by James Ballard's short story of the same name.

The theme can be interpreted in different ways, but floral and botanical themes are expected to dominate the red carpet. This can also include dresses that have historical value.

Guests can appear in outfits decorated with flowers, leaves, herbs and other elements of nature.

It is possible that there will be more avant-garde interpretations of the theme, referencing the dystopian world described in Ballard's story.

The Art of Seating: The MET Gala is not just a party, it is an opportunity to network and create new connections.

Eddie Kiernan, organizer of the MET Gala Vogue, knows that the key to a successful event is choosing the right guests.

Creating seating charts for hundreds of actors, musicians, athletes, models and other celebrities is an art.

Work on seating arrangements begins several months before the event. Kiernan's goal is for guests to have a good time and perhaps make new friends.

She carefully selects pairings, placing people next to each other who can find common topics of conversation. The MET Gala guest list changes annually, which affects seating arrangements.

Eddie Kiernan keeps an archive of all the seating charts. This archive is a unique chronicle of pop culture.

Kiernan enjoys reminiscing about who sat next to each other and the useful connections that could be made between guests.

The MET Gala seating arrangement is not only an organizational issue, it is also a reflection of cultural trends and social interactions.

The 2024 MET Gala will be hosted by a star-studded foursome: Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez, rapper Bad Bunny and Chris Hemsworth.

They will replace last year's team of presenters: Penelope Cruz, Michaela Coel, Roger Federer, Dua Lipa and the permanent Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue.

 MET Gala 2024 Presenters

Anna Wintour has hosted the MET Gala since 1995, building it into the beloved annual fashion celebration that we know today.

Star presenters, an interesting theme and a magical atmosphere - all this promises to make the evening grandiose.

MET Gala: More than just a party, it's a cultural event that captures the zeitgeist.

The exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the extravagant outfits of the guests - all this helps to understand what events, phenomena and trends are relevant at the moment.

The MET Gala is an opportunity to see works of art in an unusual context.

The unspoken dress code of the event - the more extravagant, the better - turns the ball into a high-society carnival.

The whole world is following the event with interest, which makes it a significant event in the world of fashion and culture.

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