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30.04.2019 | Альбина Весина

Fashion Online 2019

With the support of Fashion Tech Day, a study Fashion Online 2019 is being published, which for the first time systematized information about online and omnichannel sales of fashion goods in Russia. The study was published with the support ofBoxberry, BRANDQUAD and Dalli Service.


The review is based on data from Data Insight, CfK, "OFD Platform", Businessstat and a survey of participants of retail conferences UPGRADE and Fashion Tech Day, among which more than 80 retail and wholesale offline and online trade: Wildberries, Ozon, 12Storeez, VASSA&Co, Jewelry House "Crystal", Jeans Symphony, ARDI, TM Choupette and others.

In an interview with experts, we discussed the dynamics of the online and offline fashion market and the main trend of online stores entering the offline space (which still brings the main share of revenue: from 70 to 90% of the total volume). According to the calculations of Fashion Consulting Group, the volume of the Russian fashion market in 2018 remained at the level of the previous 2017, approximately 2.36 trillion rubles. According to Data Insight, the online sales market amounted to 201 billion rubles in 2018, while the share of the largest Wildberries player reaches 45%. Based on a survey among 90 companies conducted by Omni Solutions and East West Digital News, experts came to the same conclusion that the development of assortment, marketing and sales in social networks and messengers can accelerate sales growth in the near future.



Read the full version of the study.

We are waiting for everyone on May 16 at the Technopark "Moscow" on Fashion Tech Day to meet with the authors and participants of the study.


Photo: from open sources