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18.04.2017 | Степан Максимов

Barakat Fashion Show

On May 20-21, on the eve of Ramadan, Moscow will host a fashion show of women's and men's clothing in the Muslim style Barakat Fashion Show 2017.


The fashion show will be attended by designer brands: Rezeda Suleyman, Uhtishka, Irana Sabirova, Hayat, Fashion House Tasmila, LaiLaly, Hilal, Anavess, Usaira Gumerova, Aisha Ahmedova, Ihtisham and others.


Fashion experts, bloggers, businessmen, Olympic medalists, public figures, representatives of the embassies of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Egypt and many others will meet on the site of Barakat Shopping Center .



On the first day of the event, on May 20, there will be a fashion show of designer collections in Casual, Sport and Romantic styles. On the same day, a speech by fashion expert Dilara Sadrieva on the topic "Muslim fashion in the world" will take place. The interpenetration of cultures".


The second day of the event will be dedicated to men's collections in the style of Casual, Sport and Official. Stylist and image maker Alsu Arna will present a workshop "Dress code for men", and a popular Muslim businessman-blogger Davlet Suleymanov will give a lecture on the topic "Success story".