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02.08.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

A mirror for a hero from Microsoft and H&M

As part of the partnership between Microsoft and H&M, an interactive mirror was developed that gives advice on choosing clothes, takes portraits of store visitors, and also creates unique shopping offers. This happens thanks to speech and facial recognition algorithms that work on the capacities of the Microsoft Azure cloud. The mirror is installed on the second floor of the flagship H&M on Times Square in New York.



When a visitor enters the camera's field of view, the mirror greets and offers to take a photo or give advice on choosing a style. In the first case, several pictures are taken, stylized as the cover of a fashion magazine. The buyer decides which one to stop at and scans the QR code to get a photo on his device and then share it on social networks.



If you ask a smart mirror to give advice on choosing a style, it will try to choose the most suitable clothing models, as well as generate a code for a discount or a special offer.



"This interactive mirror is designed to become an example of one of the potentially new applications for voice assistants, as well as inspire the search for new creative and modern ways of interacting with the client," says Linda Pimmeshofer, Director of Business Development at Microsoft.


Photo: Microsoft