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Winter Vacation Color Bodysuit

Vendor code: 63-19/cv
The design of the bodysuit is inspired by the distant mysterious Norway with its sunny autumn days and rustling foliage underfoot. The bodysuit is made of durable cotton knitwear and tailored to all the features of babies of the first years of life. Due to the properties of the fabric, the body perfectly absorbs moisture and provides reliable heat exchange. Bright print, special triangular stitching on the neck and the inscription "Cool", which leaves no doubt that you are looking at a real adventurer.

18 (56-62), 20 (62-68), 22 (68-74), 24 (74-80), 26 (80-86)
Lucky Child
Free warehouse
Retail price:
738 rub.
Условия сотрудничества с Lucky Child

The company works with sole proprietors, LLC, CJSC, JSC.


Payment: on prepayment. It is possible to postpone payment after several deliveries.


Minimum order:10,000 rubles.



  • transport companies TC KIT, TC PEC, TC Baikalservice, TC Business Lines, TC Zheldorexpedition.
  • from the warehouse to the shopping center    800 rubles.
  • when ordering from 20,000 rubles – for free up to TC.

Discount system:

  • from 100,000 to 150,000 rubles – 3%.
  • from 150,000 rubles to 250,000 rubles - 5%.
  • from 250,000 rubles to 350,000 rubles - 7%.
  • from 350,000 rubles - 10%


It is possible to discuss individual conditions.


The recommended margin should be at least 80% of the wholesale price.


There is no need to buy clothes in dimensional rows.


The company provides partners with support in training sellers, active assistance in product promotion, filling out the product matrix, and product sorting analytics.


To buy products from Lucky Childwholesale, register on the b2b platformFashion magazinand send orders inside your personal account.

Communication directly with a Brand representative in your personal account, prices, discounts, shipment volumes, special conditions in one click!


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