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Costume for a girl

Vendor code: ZS-795/ZS-796

The suit consists of a jacket and overalls. The jacket has a semi-fitting silhouette, rounded to the bottom, with a slightly elongated back. The central clasp has an open zipper with a reinforced lower windproof strap. The sleeve is sewn in with a slightly lowered shoulder line. Stand-up collar. The hood is built-in, non-removable, with an adjustable drawstring, cord and stoppers. Jacket with curly stitch. On the lower part of the front, welt pockets with a zipper are processed. Adjustable drawstring with cord and stoppers at the waist. The inner part of the collar and the lining of the pockets are made of fleece. On the inside, the bottom of the sleeve is treated with a knitted wristband. The bottom of the product is shaped with slits along the side seams. A forming seam is made in the lower part of the backrest in the horizontal bulkhead. Semi-overalls on the front are quilted with oblique bulkheads. The side seam of the product is shifted towards the front. Elastic straps with fastex, adjustable in length. The upper part of the overalls is fastened with a zipper with a lower windproof strap. The belt is on the back with an elastic band for easy fit. On the inside, the bottom is treated with a snow-proof sleeve on an elastic band with latex.


Decor: designer metal nameplate - right and left sleeves. Decorative zipper - spiral silver. Removable keychain-pompom made of natural arctic fox fur - on the right front pocket.

86, 92, 98, 104 cm
Jacket: pale pink, half-overalls: light gray; jacket: pink powder, half-overalls: fig
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