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22.01.2024 | Roman Popov

The pulse of the market: the growth of loyalty to made in Russia

The industrial partners of the exhibition CPM and regular participants of the business forum Russian Fashion Retail Forum - the leading school of business education in the Russian fashion industry Fashion Factory School and one of the leading online shopping platforms Lamoda – studied the demand for local brands in 2023.

Lamoda (owned by the owner of Stockmann) and Fashion Factory School (part of Ultimate Education) conducted a study to study the demand for domestic brands, as well as to identify categories in which there are not enough products, and the most promising niches for launching fashion brands. An audience that had experience buying products from young local brands was selected for the survey, and the total number of respondents was 1,500 people. Approximately 50% of buyers of local brands are residents of cities with millions of people and large cities.

Growing interest in local brands

It is noted that almost half of the respondents got acquainted with local brands over the past year and a half, and the rest already had experience buying their assortment in all the studied product groups: women's clothing and shoes, men's clothing and shoes, sportswear and shoes, accessories and household goods. At Lamoda, a significant increase in interest in domestic brands has been observed since 2021: in April, the company united promising participants in a separate section "Showroom", and according to the results of the first half of 2023, the section increased by 130% compared to the same period in 2022. 54% of respondents noted that the main driver of buying local brands was interest in the assortment, about 25% were interested in them because of favorable prices compared to foreign goods.

High-demand items

The most popular categories among domestic brands are women's clothing (74%), accessories (34%) and women's shoes (31%). Despite the fact that accessories from local brands already occupy leading positions in the wardrobe of respondents compared to foreign brands, accounting for 41% and 36%, respectively. The study also identified categories in which buyers are particularly acutely aware of the shortage of products — men's fashion and sporting goods. Despite the fact that the demand for men's clothing, including sportswear, on the platform is traditionally high, the number of products from men's local brands on Lamoda is 2.9 times less than women's. And in domestic sports brands, the men's assortment is present only among unisex brands, which are 2.6 times less than brands with sports goods for women.

"The women's assortment is consistently the most popular on Lamoda. But there are niches that remain unnoticed by Russian entrepreneurs, which we especially felt at the beginning of last year, when a significant part of the assortment left the market. These are mainly the categories of men's and sporting goods, where there is currently an unallocated customer demand and great prospects to take a strong position," said Anna Khomutova, Head of the Lamoda women's clothing category management department.

"The niches of men's, as well as sports shoes and clothing are segments in which there is currently a shortage of goods. It is especially acute in the niche of technological equipment and clothing for professional athletes. Over the past year and a half, we have seen a significant increase in interest among our students in creating their own sports brand: fashion entrepreneurs see market opportunities and do not want to miss them. It is worth noting that the Russian audience is used to the high bar that international sports brands have already set, and now they expect the same level from new brands," comments Anna Dubrovina, brand director of the Fashion Factory School of Business Education.

"A significant number of manufacturers of men's clothing and accessories traditionally take part in the work of CPM, and over the past 3-5 years we have even seen an increase in participants representing the fashion direction, aimed at a younger and progressive audience. Over the past few seasons, we have also highlighted the trend in the sports direction, and the fact that our indicators confirm the theses of the Fashion Factory School and Lamoda research only confirms the objectivity of this trend. We expect further growth and development of the sport and active segments already in 2024," adds Nikolay Yartsev, Director of the CPM exhibition.

From February 19 to 22, 2024, Expocentre Fairgrounds will host a new season of the largest CPM fashion industry exhibition in Russia and Central Asia. The event will host a specialized business forum RFRF Russian Fashion Retail Forum, where more than a hundred of the brightest market experts and top managers of leading industry players will share fresh analytics, relevant tools and effective practices for launching, managing and developing clothing brands and retail projects.

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