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03.10.2019 | Анна Консон

Choupette in Qatar

Russian children's clothing brand Choupette signed a cooperation agreement with a partner in Qatar. A three-year program has been developed to develop brand promotion and sales channels from online platforms and representation in multi-brand department stores to single-brand corners and stores.


"The development of Choupette in Qatar seems to us very promising," comments Fadi Muaket, partner at Qatar, This brand occupies a unique niche in the price field. Moreover, we do not see a design competitor in our market. There are no products with such a design and price in Qatar. Therefore, we very much hope that we will not only implement our development plans, but also do it as soon as possible. We are very pleased that today we signed an agreement with the brand Choupette and started our official cooperation.


Photo: Choupette