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Suit "Makar"

Vendor code: M 5184/5

The insulated set for boys consists of a jacket and overalls. A voluminous, soft insulation is used on the jacket, so the stitches are functional. On the back and sleeves - external, on the shelves - hidden. The hood, the yoke of the shelves and backs, the lapels of the sleeves and decorative inserts on the overalls are made of bright fabrics. There are reflective edging along the lines of the yoke and around the insert on the overalls. On the shelves of the jacket is a stylish roll. Front zipper and zippers on jacket pockets in trim color. Internal windproof bar. Stand-up collar. The hood is removable, fixed with buttons. Adjustment of the front part of the hood is made using a cord-elastic band and clamps. The closure of the overalls is a zipper. The straps and the waistband of the overalls are treated with elastic tape. The straps are adjustable and fastened with fastex. For the volume in the knee area, a recess is made from the semicircular finishing part. Lapels are provided on the trousers of the overalls.

22-80, 24-86, 26-92, 26-98
beige, black and red/orange, i.e. grey and grey/blue, green and grey
Free warehouse
Retail price:
4 210 rub.
Условия сотрудничества с AksArt
The company's office and warehouse is located in Novocherkassk.

Territorial coverage:

Russia and neighboring countries.



Delivery to the transport company is carried out by our transport at our expense. Payment for delivery is made by the recipient upon receipt of the cargo.



Pickup from our warehouse is possible. The goods are shipped only after 100% payment.


Minimum order:

The minimum purchase batch is 20,000 rubles for the Spring-Autumn collection, 25,000 rubles for the Winter collection, it is not necessary to order in size rows. The goods are not provided for sale.


Pre-order of the product:

The reservation of the goods is made on the basis of the completed order form. The invoice is issued on the basis of the issued reserve. Payment of the invoice is made by bank transfer.
Product Return:
Defective goods are subject to exchange and return.
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