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14.08.2018 | Альбина Весина

Natalia Chinenova's seminar at Tekstillegprom

On September 20, 2018, a master class will be held in Moscow, at VDNH, as part of the Business Program of the 51st Federal FairTextile IndustryNatalia Chinenova on retail sales on the topic «Where do product residues come from and how to convince consumers to buy before the start of the sale».


The author of the master classNatalia Chinenova chief consultant on business technologies in retail, leading expert in franchising and distribution (wholesale and retail), visual merchandisingFashion Consulting Group.


Natalia Chinenova – Fashion Consulting Group consultant


The economic downturn and generational change have led to drastic changes in consumer preferences and consumption patterns. In order for companies to gain the trust of the buyer and not lose their positions in the market, it is necessary to rethink the situation and use new opportunities. The upcoming seminarNatalia Chinenova on retail sales will be devoted to this issue.


How to buy goods correctly in the new realities? How, without falling into discounts and sales, to go out at the end of the season for small leftovers? How to "lure" a new customer to your store? How to use social networks and the Internet to be visible? The upcoming seminar will answer these and other questions.


Where do the product residues come from and how to convince consumers to buy before the start of the sale


Seminar program

  • Where the remnants of goods come from.
  • What activities need to be implemented before the start of the purchase for the season.
  • How to promote products within the season and "not to fall" into discounts.
  • How generation Z buys and what awaits us in the next decade
  • How to develop a break-even loyalty program that is interesting to both the store and customers.
  • What kind of loyalty programs are there in general and how loyalty differs from satisfaction.

Each participant of the seminar will receive a full presentation of the master class.


The 51st Federal Wholesale Fair of Textile and Light Industry Goods and Equipment «Tekstillegprom» will be held from September 18 to 21, 2018 in Moscow at VDNH in Pavilions 69 and 75. As part of the Business Program of the Communications Platform, there will also be: a seminarNatalia Chinenova «How to analyze the existing base of wholesale customers and attract new ones, stimulate wholesale sales» two seminars on commercial trends in women's fashion by Andrey Burmatikov and men's and children's fashion  by Galina Kravchenko; CAD seminar «Grace» is the key to the success of sewing enterprises, ateliers and freelancers» seminar «Analysis of trends in textile design of the season «autumn-winter 2019»: the main themes, colors and directions» textile design studio Solstudio Textile Design. In addition,Solstudio Textile Design will presentSurface design surface design zone, which will be located in Pavilion No. 69. Two public talks will be held: Anna Lebsak-KleimansThe fashion industry today: a new consumer, new technologies, effective business models and Denis FominContent as a digital brand identity on the Internet;. The following shows will take place: the XII competition for the award ""Fashion of Russia","buyer shows" and the 40th anniversary International Competition of Young Designers "Exercises".


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