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04.06.2018 | Альбина Весина

Interview with Natalia Chinenova on Tekstillegprom

The exhibition company «RLP-Fair» posted on its official youtube channel video clip of the interview Natalia Chinenova, speaker of the Communications Platform of the 50th Federal Fair "Tekstillegprom".
In an interview with Natalia Chinenova, a leading consultant on the organization of franchising, retail and wholesale sales Fashion Consulting Group, answered questions relevant to wholesalers and retailers in the new realities: about efficiency of new technologies of wholesale and retail sales, about global trends changing consumer behavior, about the mentality of Russian consumers, about the responsibility for promoting the goods of wholesalers, about how not to sell when needed, but to do business, about the need to run «a kilometer ahead of the locomotive» to be in the market, about the important role of the Federal Fair «Tekstillegprom» for the Russian fashion industry market, about the Free Space format, about new opportunities for exhibiting companies that now allow them to quickly declare themselves at the exhibition and much more.
Natalia Chinenova has been conducting educational cycles in the format of master classes, seminars and webinars on wholesale and retail sales for more than 10 seasons at the exhibition "Tekstillegprom" . At the upcoming autumn fair, two seminars will be held on the topics "How to analyze the existing base of wholesale customers and attract new ones, stimulate wholesale sales" and «Where do the product residues come from and how to convince consumers to buy before the start of the sale».
We invite you to take part in the Business Program of the Communications Platform of the 51st Federal Wholesale Fair of Textile and Light Industry Goods and Equipment , which will be held on September 18 and 21, 2018 in Moscow, at VDNH, in Pavilions No. 69 and No. 75. 
Photo provided by the organizers