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TreBarraBi is a world-class family business


The Italian brand TreBarraBi offers capsule collections of women's clothing in the style of street casual. Designer and founder of the brand TreBarraBiCinzia Gilardi created her own clothing line in 2013. Brand Name – TreBarraBi – translated from Italian means «3/b» – it was in the house under this number  on «thousandth» street that the first flagship boutique of the brand opened. The prototype of the logo was a French bulldog, a favorite of Cinzia Gilardi and her husband, Fabio Randazo, responsible for the production of TreBarraBi.


TreBarraBi brand on the Fashion magazin b2b platform


In the first 2 years of operation, the factory from "zero" grew to a turnover of 2 million euros per year. To date, it produces more than 40,000 units per year. The brand is a member of Cammera della Moda, regularly participates in Milano Fashion Week. More than 200 multi-brand boutiques have been opened all over the world. The brand TreBarraBi is represented in countries such as Italy, USA, Australia, Lebanon, Portugal, France, Japan, Hong Kong, and more recently in showrooms in Russia and Ukraine.


TreBarraBi: a chic look for every day


The collections of the brand TreBarraBi are based on the idea of urban chic in everyday life. Complex and original color combinations create a fresh sensual experience, and a unique cut that takes into account the key features of the female figure will help each client to reinvent her personal style.


TreBarraBi brand on the Fashion magazin b2b platform


TreBarraBi is the perfect result of the new concept of Back to Basic. The brand's philosophy was born out of the concept of rethinking and transforming basic things beyond the control of time.


The slogan of the company – «Back to the roots»– is embodied in the production at the factory in Italy, meeting all the requirements of environmental friendliness and ensuring the highest quality of products. For sewing products TreBarraBi only natural European fabrics dyed in natural colors are used. Before sending the goods to the customer, the factory staff independently performs quality control, additional control is carried out at the time of steaming and hanging. It is thanks to the strictest selection that not a single complaint has been received during the three seasons of cooperation with the Russian showroom of the company.


The wide range of the brand TreBarraBi makes it easy to assemble a unique basic wardrobe, which will have everything you need - comfortable suits, knitted sets, dresses for going out and under sneakers, trousers and denim, shirts, blouses, T-shirts and tops,jumpers, sweaters, jumpsuits and leggings, cardigans, jackets, coats and down jackets. These things are universal, they are suitable for work and leisure, for sports, travel and vacation. The models from the new capsules will fit perfectly into the existing wardrobe, and customers will never have a question: "Where should I go in this?"In its collections, the brand implements the concept of total look and allows you to dress "from head to toe".


TreBarraBi brand on the Fashion magazin b2b platform


The heroine of the brand is a woman who likes to invent all her own images. She can choose clothes to suit the mood, the weather, a specific event or event. She has an amazing sense of style, knows how to combine the impossible and look charming in any situation. A woman who is always active, creative, loves to come up with new images, is not afraid of layering and silhouettes of oversize, values her own individuality more than momentary trends. Freedom, individuality and comfort are the key values of the brand TreBarraBi. The brand offers European quality and style at the most attractive prices.