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Company The hip! is a Russian manufacturer of clothing for children aged 0 to 7 years.


From the general range of children's brands The hip! stands out for an unusual, but popular and interesting approach to the formation of seasonal collections. Here they fulfill the cherished dream of every child to dress like mom or dad, but at the same time they take into account the desire of parents to see a bright and self-sufficient personality in their child.


All products of the brand are sewn at Russian enterprises.





When developing collections for toddlers and preschoolers, the brand's designers do not just use traditional techniques for children's clothing. The main emphasis in the models is on fashion trends.


Buyers are attracted by bold combinations of colors and various types of fabrics, decorative buttons, cut and contrasting stitching, as well as memorable author's prints.



The assortment range of the brand is divided into several categories.


The first – clothing and children's knitwear for newborns. This includes overalls-slips, bodysuits, pants, sliders, hats, caps, diapers-cocoons.


The second is clothing and children's knitwear for boys up to 7 years old. These are shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts, longsleeves, polos, turtlenecks, hoodies, pajamas, trousers, shorts, hats, butterflies.


The third is clothing and children's knitwear for girls up to 7 years old. Dresses, blouses, sweatshirts, T-shirts, tunics, turtlenecks, pajamas, leggings, trousers, shorts, skirts, hats, panama hats are widely presented here.


Thanks to the thoughtful cut, all clothes do not restrict the movements of the child.



The main collection is sewn in sizes: 86, 92, 98, 104, 110, 116. Collection for newborns in sizes: 62, 68, 74, 80.


On the official website and showcase of the brand on the platform "Fashion magazin" clothing brand The hip! available for wholesale order.





All collections of the brand are made of natural fabrics dyed with high-quality hypoallergenic dyes, and the thoughtful cut does not restrict the movements of the child when playing and sleeping.


The products are certified. All necessary certificates, descriptions and photos are provided upon request.


Brand The hip! is represented in 53 cities of Russia and continues to expand the geography of its presence.


The hip! clothes that are different.