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24.10.2019 | Roman Popov

Special promotions for non-special clients

Shopping for special and unique offers is an integral part of the culture of communication between the buyer and the seller. Naturally, manufacturers who value their reputation and customers strive to offer the most comfortable and interesting conditions.



The domestic brand SPARADA has been demonstrating for many years that the clothing collections produced by Russian manufacturers are not inferior to their foreign counterparts in a number of parameters. The company develops and sews casual, business and elegant women's clothing. Every year, the brand releases 12 collections in the Plus Size segment, presenting both seasonal items and outfits for publication. The fashion world is limitless and diverse. Women's wardrobe requires constant updates. Women want more and more beautiful and comfortable clothes. And the brand SPARADA makes it possible to easily find a suitable option that will satisfy all ladies' needs.


This season, the company offers special promotions that allow customers to buy brand items with maximum benefit. One of such promotions is the first order. The offer applies to orders priced from 15,000 to 50,000 rubles. For customers who are just getting acquainted with the brand, unique conditions are offered: after placing the first order, the participant has the right to make a 100% refund or exchange of the goods purchased as part of the first order within a month after the shipment of the goods.



Of course, a refund or exchange for other collections is carried out only in the absence of damage and newly appeared defects on clothing.


For regular customers of the company, there is also a Regular Customer Discount, because SPARADA can afford to sell products with a minimum margin. And it should be borne in mind that this discount is not displayed on the site.


There are also additional discounts that take into account the volume of purchases. With a total order amount of 30,000 rubles, the discount is 2%, 50,000 rubles – 3%, 100,000 rubles – 4%, 150,000 rubles – 5%.


It seems that this season no customer of SPARADA will be left without pleasant bonuses from the company, which is always happy to welcome both new buyers and its regular customers!


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Photo: Sparada