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08.08.2019 | Анна Консон

Sparada: fashion with a plus sign

What do you think about Plus size fashion? If you ask this question to almost any resident of Russia, she will just shrug her shoulders, and if she herself wears clothes larger than size 46, she will also smile cheerlessly. Because there is practically no stylish and functional women's clothing of large size in the mass market. The network brands of the middle market solve the issue of large sizes by simply increasing the patterns, without taking into account the features of the fit, and offer the owners of curvy figures the same solutions as for girls of sizes S and XS, completely ignoring the fact that different proportions require different approaches in shaping the silhouette and choosing accents. Therefore, the fact that there is a manufacturer of women's clothing on the Russian market that not only sews clothes, but creates relevant and stylish plus-size items, cannot but please both people involved in fashion issues and all women who want to look great and be in trend regardless of their size.


The brand Sparada has been specializing in the creation of casual and business clothes Plus size for nine years, and annually produces about 12 collections, which feature both seasonal items and evening dresses. Skirts, dresses, tunics, trousers and suits, basic knitwear - the assortment has literally everything you might need to update your wardrobe or make it "from scratch". Stylistically, the brand's clothing is not limited to one direction, and each collection presents capsules in casual, classic, romantic and sporty styles.



Clothes Sparada are nice to take in your hands, she sits comfortably on the figure and pleases the eye. Why? No secret ingredient. It just looks like a natural result of well-coordinated teamwork of designers, cutters and technologists. All stages, from sketches to the construction of patterns and the selection of fabrics are carried out with great attention to detail and care, and all products are sewn on their own production lines. Due to the fact that a full production cycle is carried out on the basis of one company, Sparada manages to maintain a democratic price tag for products with consistently high quality (the average retail receipt is approximately 3,500 rubles). Among the materials used are cotton, viscose and blended fabrics, excellent knitwear and a wide palette of shades.


Cooperation with the company Sparada will undoubtedly be an excellent solution for retail representatives who focus on Plus-size girls and women and want to provide their customers with a wide selection of relevant and convenient things.


Photo: Sparada