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17.07.2019 | Анна Консон

SPARADA in the beauty contest "Miss Melon Rich XXL"

In Moscow, on July 11, with the support of SPARADA Fashion House, the final of the Plus size beauty contest "Miss Melon Rich XXL" took place. This contest is of great importance not only for the participants themselves, but also for every woman in our country and society as a whole.


The event is not focused on the established trend of model beauty «90–60–90», on the contrary, on the beauty of a real woman who somewhat exceeds these standards, and there are such! They live next to us, and sometimes surpass the skinny girls legalized by the conservative fashion industry with their beauty, grace and appetitiveness.



SPARADA Fashion House has been creating fashionable clothes for women Plus size for more than 8 years, and in all cities, from the capital to the regions, women whose size exceeds 48 are surprised when they discover that plus-size clothes size is not just about warmth or the dress code. That she can be stylish, elegant, daring, can excite and inspire.



The company «SPARADA» became one of the sponsors of the contest «Miss Melon Rich XXL», and the company personally singled out several contestants. Certificates Fashion houses SPARADA received Yulia Sudarikova, Oksana Chirkova, Natalia Velikanova and Anna Gudz, as well as a charming member of the jury, Ekaterina Novikova.



The company "SPARADA" thanks the organizers of the event and everyone who was involved in its holding, and also expresses endless admiration to all participants! The contest "Miss Melon Rich XXL" once again confirms that every woman is beautiful. SPARADA Fashion House plans to continue supporting the contest "Miss Melon Rich XXL" and produce beautiful, stylish clothes for women Plus size.