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The group of companiesSHISHKIN tailor manufacturewas founded in 2008 by designer and entrepreneurDmitry Shishkin.



Today the group of companies SHISHKIN tailor manufacture combines Uniform atelier and Bespoke atelier


Bespoke atelier is a craft syndicate for tailoring elite men's classic clothing based on highly skilled manual labor of tailors. The company is located in the historical center of Yekaterinburg, occupying an area of 300 square meters.


The total number of employees is about 25 people, the production produces up to 20 men's clothing and accessories of the premium class per month. The atelier includes a spacious office for receiving clients, a showroom, tailor workshops, its own design bureau and a design laboratory.



In 2017, Dmitry Shishkin launched in YekaterinburgUniform atelieran innovative full-cycle clothing factory, within the framework of a corporate program, developing, manufacturing and supplying industrial collections of clothing and accessories in sports and casual style. The main specificity of the enterprise is the use of advanced technologies in the field of the garment industry at all stages of production due to the introduction of automated systems covering the entire production cycle of clothing manufacturing.



The company covers an area of 1,000 square meters, the total number of employees is more than 100 people. At this stage, the production produces up to 10,000 units of products per month. In February 2018, the second stage will be put into operation, which will allow at least tripling these indicators.



By the end of 2018, Dmitry Shishkin is preparing to put into operation a third enterprise, a large garment factory for the production of ready-made men's clothing in the middle price segment, followed by the development of retail sales by creating its own retail network under the brandSHISHKIN.



SHISHKIN tailor manufactureconducts an active social and economic policy, taking part in all significant events of light industry in Russia and the world.


In 2017, the innovative sewing productionSHISHKIN: Uniform atelier became a full participant in the main industrial exhibition of the Russian FederationINNOPROM, where the factory's products received the most positive reviews both from the media and visitors of the exhibition, as well as from the leaders of the region and the country. It is important to note the fact thatUniform atelierwas the only light industry enterprise represented at this exhibition.



The tailor's manufactory SHISHKIN is the first light industry enterprise to receive the status of a resident of Skolkovo with the aim of developing 3D modeling, volumetric scanning of the human figure, as well as comprehensive software for managing the complete the cycle of sewing production.

Terms of cooperation

Location of the company:Yekaterinburg.

Territorial coverage: Russian Federation.
Delivery:By agreement.
Shipment: Pickup is carried out by 100% prepayment from a warehouse in Yekaterinburg.
Minimum order:By agreement.
Discount system: is discussed with each partner individually.

Pre-order of the product: Participation in the pre-order is discussed individually.
Return of the shipped goods:is not possible.


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