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20.09.2018 | Альбина Весина

Sabellino: by the hand and under the arm

In a few years, the main consumer trends will be formed by representatives of the generation Z. This is the first generation in the history of the new Russia, which did not find first the era of scarcity, and then demonstrative consumption. Such clients no longer want to devote their weekends to trips to "Castle Malls", preferring to spend time with loved ones or travel, and their only requirement for clothes and shoes is quality.



In 2017, the turnover of the Russian e-commerce market reached 1.04 trillion rubles. According to the estimates of the Association of E-Commerce Companies (AKIT), this is 13% more than in 2016. The growth of purchases made using smartphones in some categories of goods, according to retailers, reaches 40%. Every second Russian (45%) aged 18-24, according to Fashion Consulting Group, made purchases online, and the Instagram audience in Russia amounted to 22 million users. The interest of Russian residents in online shopping will grow with the maturation of generation Z, who already prefer to make basic purchases online.


The almost-arrived future of the fashion world forces you to hold your customer "by the hand and under the arm" and know literally in person.



Sabellino (Smart Fashion Group company) understands this like nowhere else. The brand offers women's clothing, bags and accessories in the fast fashion segment, addressing them to citizens who lead an active lifestyle and follow fashion and innovation. Marina Yushvayeva and her team know everything about their customer and a little more.

The world around us is generally changing too quickly, forcing customers to reconsider their values and behavioral models; the role of brands in socially significant issues is increasing. So, according to Ford, 56% of customers would rather overpay for a product than buy it from a company that, in their opinion, harms society. Sabellino, which uses the most modern fashiontech, with concern for environmental protection and environmental friendliness of materials, has won a whole army of fans from among responsible consumers. Before signing a production contract, brand auditors carry out the strictest checks of raw materials, components and factories.



However, none of the "green" technologies will force you to buy clothes if they are uncomfortable or ugly. Sabellino – this is the perfect combination of «all the best at once »: stylish, comfortable, comfortable things of a free edge that will be appropriate in a cafe, in the office, and in the theater, looking flawless even after numerous cleaning and washing. The leading place in the design of clothing and accessories is occupied by ergonomics. The brand constantly conducts customer surveys and voluntary testing in order to understand where there are not enough pockets for powerbank, and where it is worth making a "breathable" backrest.


Photo: Sabellino