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13.08.2018 | Марина Золина

Sabellino: fashion online

In an era when everything in the world is changing not just quickly, but every second, and any clothing is literally just a click away (the growth of purchases using a smartphone last year in some categories was 40%), the brand Sabellino (Smart Fashion Group company) it turns out not just to keep up with new trends, but to be significantly ahead and set them.


The brand Sabellino specializes in the production and sale of women's clothing, bags and accessories in the fast fashion segment and dedicates its collections to girls and women who live in large cities, lead an active lifestyle and like to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and innovations.

A young and creative team led by Marina Yushvayeva is always up to date with the latest trends in the fashion industry, and in the production and creation of collections of the brand Sabellino, the most modern fashiontech is used with concern for environmental protection and environmental friendliness of the materials used.

In September 2017, the company launched a retail project . This is one of the most successful fashion platforms in the history of the Runet. Over the year, the audience of the Instagram account has increased 12 times, and the number of active target subscribers of the project has reached more than 192 thousand. The current average coverage is 2 million, of which Muscovites are 74%, the engagement rate is 13%.


The brand has more than three hundred ambassadors, whose total fan coverage is 26 million. As a result, traffic on the site is more than 60 thousand unique users with a monthly increase of 10 thousand visitors and 70% of traffic on Instagram with a monthly increase in orders by 20%. The annual growth rate of the online sales market is 30%. The company is generally convinced that the main social network for fashion today is Instagram, where sooner or later everyone who is interested in modern fashion comes.


Clothes from the new collection Sabellino are suitable for Instagram like no other – comfortable things of a free edge, appropriate for both the office and the evening promenade. Shirts, tops, cropped trousers to mid-calf, culottes of different lengths (up to the ankles or in the form of shorts), light dresses - all this is made of fine quality linen, cotton, viscose, pleasant to the skin and not losing their appearance after cleaning and washing.


The line of bags Sabellino is represented by two collections: updated #AngleBags backpacks and bags made of geometric silicone elements, as well as a new collection #Nano_Sab, in which all models are made of high-tech silicone by the molding method.

The company is constantly working to improve technologies and reduce the cost of products without loss of quality, testing new forms and materials.


The brand takes into account all the nuances of active everyday wear and thinks through every accessory and detail to the smallest detail. Designers know how important and necessary, for example, soft backs for backpacks, a laptop compartment, pockets for a smartphone and a Power Bank. The quality of all products under the brand Sabellino is truly impeccable: before placing an order for production, the company's auditors carefully study the raw materials, components and then monitor the implementation at all stages.


Photo: SABELLINO press service