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02.08.2018 | Марина Золина

10 questions to Marina Yushvayeva

Another guest of our new column, in which we introduce readers to the heads of fashion industry companies in the lifestyle format Marina Yushvayeva, CEO and founder of the brand SABELLINO answered 10 personal questions.



Marina, tell us why you decided to engage in the fashion industry?

– Like any girl, I really liked beautiful things in my youth. Therefore, it is not surprising that I came to this industry. The SABELLINO brand (Smart Fashion Group company) was founded by me in 2006. By this time, I already had serious experience working in various retail projects in Russia and China and studied in detail the market of shoes and leather accessories, all its features and rules. At the initial stage, we were engaged in the production and wholesale of shoes and bags, and already in 2007 we took part in the Mosshuz exhibition for the first time. Since 2010, the SABELLINO brand has been actively cooperating with leading e-commerce projects in Russia, such as KupiVIP, Wildberries, Ozon and Lamoda, and our product line has expanded significantly. By 2012, our products could be purchased in more than 100 cities of Russia. And we have seen that it is in good demand. So the youthful craving for beautiful things became the starting point of a successful business.


– Which of the famous people of the present and the past do you look like, who is close to you?
– Of historical figures, Catherine II is close to me. She has always aroused respect in me with her amazing strength of character, determination and the greatest wisdom. Of our contemporaries, I would single out Richard Branson. I like his style of doing business. Well, it seems to me that some features of these persons are peculiar to me.



–What do you know how to do best?
– Count. (Laughs) Even as a child, I had a passion for mathematics. I really liked solving problems. I learned the material quickly, and our school teacher gave me increasingly difficult tasks from the high school curriculum. Or he instructed his classmates to explain a new topic. True passion does not leave others indifferent, and I managed to interest my colleagues. We were even left unattended. At the same time, there was always silence in the classroom and work was in full swing.


– Is your favorite book or movie?
– I won't say about books, there are a lot of them. From the films: "To Kill a Mockingbird" is a wonderful film about children's spontaneity, on the one hand, and the lack of tolerance in America of the 30s, on the other. Of the films I have recently seen, I can single out the Universe of Stephen Hawking. This is a fascinating story about the life of an amazing scientist and genius who proved to everyone that it is possible to live actively, even if you have almost only the brain working.



– Your favorite dish?
– I love fish. The most favorite food is grilled tuna. I can eat just one tuna, I can with salad. Depending on the mood.

–What kind of food will you never eat?
"Many years ago I gave up meat. And I don't regret it at all.


–What are you proud of in life?
This is probably a banal answer for a mother, but yes, I am proud of my children. They are the only ones worth living for. Because of my work, I couldn't spend much time with them, but they have grown up to be wonderful and independent children and make me very happy.


– You know for sure that you will end up on a desert island, and you can take three items with you. Which ones and why?
– A book, as I really like to read, a small blanket for comfort… and a roomy backpack with everything you need!



– Remember the funniest or special case from your business practice.

– Over the years there have been so many different situations about which I want to say: «Well, that's it, it just can't be funnier!"And then something so amazing happens that it's basically impossible to come up with. And I value consistency and stability in business. So let's not provoke.


– If not for the fashion industry, what would you like to do?
– IT and everything related to new technologies. I am very interested in this and, by the way, it helps to develop a business in fashion correctly.


Photo: SABELLINO press service