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23.07.2018 | Наталья Кулагина

Green Line – new capsule line from SABELLINO

The brand SABELLINO has released a clothing line that can make up a full summer wardrobe of a modern city girl, whether she is a department head, a freelancer or a young mother raising a baby.  


The new line Green line has very comfortable and comfortable loose-fitting clothes that will contribute to your daily activity, regardless of whether you go to the office or take an evening promenade after a hot day. These are shirts, tops, cropped trousers to mid-calf, culottes (skirt-trousers) of different lengths, both ankle-length and in the form of shorts, and beautiful women's dresses.



A characteristic feature of the line is monochrome colors of pastel shades. You are covered with a fresh wave of mint, lavender, turquoise. There are also light cream tones. These colors will add lightness and reduce the degree in the summer heat. But most importantly, they will tell you about the gentle and subtle soul of its owner hidden behind the garment. Refined femininity is also emphasized by a loose cut, smoothing out some sharp corners.


An important characteristic of the products is modern materials. These are linen, cotton and polyester of high quality, pleasant to the body and perfectly solving the problem of practicality and concise design.


For the first time, shirts appeared in the line. They are also made in fashionable pastel colors. There are both shortened, just below the waist, and loose shirt dresses. In the first one, you can literally go to the ship, even to the ball - they are so universal. Shirt dresses will also add to their hostess a light laziness mixed with comfort, brought from a foreign melodrama, as if she had just woken up on a day off.


The top from the Green line line with pleasure reveals tanned shoulders and neck. And if these parts of the body are not tanned yet, there is an opportunity to expose them to the sun.



Trousers of the popular 7/8 length with a high waist and slightly narrowed down are immediately associated with a yacht club or a golf club; they combine sporty comfort and country chic.

The peculiarity of culottes is that if they are chosen correctly, they will suit girls with any figure. They will hide the excess where you don't want to see them, make a petite girl taller and slimmer, and also emphasize the advantages. At SABELLINO they are in three variations - wide and long (soft pajama), short ("yard") and long narrowed (business). So they will fit into any style and are suitable for going out on any occasion.


The shorts in the line are classic, giving freedom of movement in the literal and figurative sense: now they can even be an evening outfit.


Summer women's dresses Green line – simple, minimalistic, loose-fitting, with a slight degree of «pajamas » and linen style, and therefore pastel and white-pink color prevail again. The image is romantic, slightly country-style, and all this in a modern performance.



All the clothes of the new line are universal, you can go out in it without changing the image, adding a fashionable bag to it.


The Green line line presents bags made of innovative kraft paper. Mini clutches, bulky shopping bags and stylish women's backpacks of different shapes and sizes. It's hard to believe that you can make a beautiful and durable accessory out of kraft paper, not a disposable bag. You can trust these bags, they are reliable, because the material has been specially processed, which made it resistant to moisture and pollution. He is durable, like a seasoned traveler, and is ready to be with you always and everywhere.


Photo: Sabellino press service