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03.07.2018 | Альбина Весина

Viscose – smart silk

The summer line of women's clothing Sabellino is made of viscose fabric in a pleasant color scheme  black and white classics, as well as soft turquoise and purple shades.



In the XIX century, when all natural fabrics (linen, cotton, wool and silk) were already invented, mankind began to develop new technologies based on natural raw materials. Viscose, «miracle fiber», – the first artificially created fabric.The technology was borrowed from the silkworm: scientists have learned in a special way «to pull » a thread from a cellulose solution.


Viscose can be compared with cotton, silk, and wool – it can take on any appearance, not inferior to the original in characteristics. This is a smart fabric: in the heat it is cool, in the cold it is warm. Summer clothing made of viscose is light and air-permeable, like linen and cotton, in addition, viscose fabric is antibacterial, hypoallergenic and does not crumple.


Viscose is especially good as a basis for creating new "alloys" of fabrics, since it takes on the qualities of another canvas, while retaining its undeniable advantages inherent in expensive natural fabrics. For example, viscose in combination with nylon will be stronger and more durable, holds its shape and crumples less. Such knitwear creates very soft and feminine images. A loose tunic Sabellino made of viscose and nylon, for example, can also serve as outerwear, since nylon protects from wind and moisture, which it almost does not absorb. The spacious culottes will have plenty of room for air, and at the same time they will be comfortable in summer in the evening coolness. In a skirt made of the same material, you will know for sure that sedentary work will not tire her, that is, there will be no numerous folds and creases, and an antistatic agent will not be required, since she is not electrified. The use of Sabellino viscose by designers during the development of the summer collection is not accidental, there is no substitute for this miracle fiber – it is universal and allows you to realize different silhouettes of women's clothing models at an affordable price.


Photo: Sabellino