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Sabellino brand, created by Marina Yushvayeva in 2006, specializes in the production and sale of women's clothing, bags and accessories in the fast fashion segment.


Sabellino collections are based on trends, taste preferences and needs of young girls and women.


A girl with a backpack in Sabellino brand clothes


The assortment matrix of the brand includes products made of genuine leather, backpacks made of eco-leather and textiles, waist and beach bags, clutches, women's gloves, shawls and stoles, calanches, summer and evening dresses.


A clear understanding of market trends and innovations allows you to create unique popular collections and ensure good margins.


Photo shoot of a girl in Sabellino clothes




For 12 years, the Sabellino team has gone a long creative way and created a brand that is really popular with Russian fashionistas. The brand's collections are already represented in more than 100 cities of Russia. Since 2017, the brand's designers have been working not only on accessories, but also on women's clothing.


Three main brand lines:

  • Basic – casual clothing, bags and accessories;
  • Innovation –clothing, bags and accessories created with the use of innovative and technological materials in the style of sports chic;
  • Black – cocktail dresses and bags for special events.

Sabellino's philosophy includes the use of unusual materials and technologies, graphic forms and quick response to current fashion trends.