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22.06.2018 | Альбина Весина

A unique sale of Italian shoes!

The company Cane Rosso announces the sale of shoe collections from Italy.All models, from shoes to ballet flats, from boots to sandals, will be presented at a warehouse in Moscow.



Following current trends and using only the highest quality materials confirm the high standards and prestige of the company. In the shoe salons Cane Rosso all fashion trends and key trends of the current and future seasons are presented, including gilded leather and leatherette,glitter, inserts with animalistic prints and textiles.



As part of the sale, you can wholesale shoes for any season and any model at the best prices, from flirty Hollywood sandals to simple loafers with comfortable soles, in demand regardless of the time of year.


By choosing the company Cane Rosso, you choose the comfort of your customers and high sales.


Photo: Cane Rosso