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Razgulyaev Blagonravova A brand of unique luxury home shoes from St. Petersburg.


The history of the company began many years ago, when the grandmother of Mila Razgulyaeva-Blagonravova, the founder of the brand, gave her husband slippers sewn with her own hands. And every wedding anniversary, she presented her husband with new slippers. It turned into a beautiful family tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Mila decided to share this family ritual with everyone who loves beautiful comfortable shoes that resemble a work of art, and launched production in St. Petersburg in 2006.


Razgulyaev Blagonravova – unique luxury home shoes


The creators of home shoes Razgulyaev Blagonravova draw inspiration from the canvases of Russian and European artists, in the aristocratic, rich and noble spirit of St. Petersburg. Therefore, buyers receive not just beautiful leather shoes, but a functional product that emphasizes the individuality of the owner and is comparable to a work of art.


The home shoes of the brand Razgulyaev Blagonravova are unique. It is made by hand in small batches, carries a unique artistic design. The most popular collections were made based on the works of great artists: Kazimir Malevich, Salvador Dali, Henri Matisse, William Morris and the famous jeweler Carl Faberge.


Razgulyaev Blagonravova – unique luxury home shoes


The company Razgulyaev Blagonravova has received recognition among buyers for its home shoes and is now entering the street shoe market. In the new collection, the unique design and handwork are organically transferred to sleepers, sneakers and brogues. Therefore, all art lovers will be able to constantly enjoy their favorite masterpieces of the masters at home, on a walk, a business meeting or at a party. They will emphasize the taste and creativity of the owner and will certainly cheer up others.

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Razgulyaev Blagonravova – unique luxury shoes