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Women's winter coat

Vendor code: 1010790p80291
A trendy technological parka coat with a built-in heating element. Thanks to the unique technology and the push of a button, the coat will warm you in the cold! A 20x10cm heating element is built into the back of the coat. It is soft, flexible, made of eco-friendly (carbon fiber) materials and completely safe. The heating element is powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery is charged from the 220 volt mains via the power supply that comes with the kit. The battery is located in the inner pocket of the coat and weighs 86 grams – it is no more than a regular mobile phone. The heating element and the membrane are so thin that the coat does not visually differ from the usual one. The heating element can be switched off/on depending on the weather. A straight silhouette knee-length coat made of flat boiled wool of light gray color. The model has a two-lock zipper and installation buttons, sew-in sleeves with patch patches, a large hood with a removable edge made of artificial gray llama and patch pockets. This model uses the innovative Raft Pro Thermo insulation, created using a patented biopolymer from DuPont Sorona, which has excellent heat preservation properties, lightness and ease of operation. The coat is made using the innovative Raft Pro membrane. The RaftPro membrane protects against wind, rain and cold. Thermore insulation throughout the product. The coat is designed for temperatures up to -20 °C.
RaftPro membrane, RaftThermo, Heating
Light grey
Wool 40%, viscose 30%, polyester 30%
Free warehouse
Retail price:
25 900 rub.