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The brand Pepe Jeans London was born in 1973. His father can be safely called Nitin Shah. Together with brothers Arun and Milanomoni, Nitin started the production of jeans in the west part of London. In order to reduce logistics costs, they began to sell them there, at the local market. In 1983 Pepe Jeans London expands its production beyond the borders of England and enters Ireland. Two years later, the Pepe Jeans London factories could already be found in Europe and the USA. The main activity of the brand is, of course, youth jeans. But in addition, the product line is represented by fashionable shoes and accessories. The collection of shoes Pepe Jeans London perfectly complements jeans and other youth clothing of the brand.

The brand's line always includes women's models, boots with lapels made in men's style, or boots made of matte leather with rivets. Men also do not remain without attention. In the collections of shoes Pepe Jeans London, they can find for themselves many interesting models that allow them to emphasize individuality and a sense of style.




The brand Pepe Jeans London is focused both on customers who value fashion and style above all else, and on adherents of traditions. Youth, stylish, progressive, for modern urban life – all this belongs to the brand Pepe Jeans.



New collections appear twice a year, and each time it is a big event for all fans of the brand. Collections of clothes and shoes Pepe Jeans have long gone beyond the denim line, but continue to line up around it, maintaining their easily recognizable style.