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24.04.2023 | Roman Popov

With the ODALIA brand, you feel confident in yourself and your choice

The premium women's knitwear brand ODALIA publishes capsule collections Premium and Casual 2 times a year. They are easily combined with each other, and can make up a full-fledged capsule wardrobe.



Right now is the perfect time to make wholesale pre-orders for the autumn-winter 23/24 collections!


The products of the Odalia brand are created in high-tech production:

  • european high-class machines;
  • only high-quality yarn of the world's best manufacturers, mainly natural compositions, is used;
  • contour knitting - that is, the blanks of the desired configuration (cut) are already coming out of the machines;
  • sewing with a kettel assembly and knitting along the contour, this can only boast of productions that knit the Premium segment;
  • the products go through a full WTO cycle (so that the products completely sit down in production and do not shrink at the buyer's home);
  • only satin composites are used, which are sewn into the left side of the product, and soft jacquard labels that do not need to be stripped off, because they do not prick;
  • branded packaging.


The products undergo quality control in 3 stages: the first after untying the parts, the second after assembling the parts into the product, the third during packaging.


Odalia is a tactile pleasant knitwear that does not sit down. Products of the correct fit in all sizes, the brand's knitwear is durable, designed for girls and women of different ages.


The brand's products are successfully sold at a margin of 250-300%. The sales department promptly processes counterparty requests for requests for the shipment of missing sizes or items.



To buy wholesale collections of women's clothing from the ODALIA brand, register on the b2b site "Fashion magazin" and send orders inside your personal account.


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