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10.04.2023 | Нина Конская

Premium ODALIA knitwear from a French designer and a Russian manufacturer

A unique discovery of the year: in 2023, "Fashion Magazin" discovered knitted knitwear "ODALIA", real chic and European quality at the price of the middle segment, something that really interests wholesale buyers.


The ODALIA brand originates in 2014, when the founders, inspired by France, its etiquette rules, refined taste and charm, decided to create beautiful and high-quality knitted clothing for women of all ages.



After purchasing modern equipment in Europe, the team had a question about developing collections that meet modern realities and trends.


Eugenie Decroix, a French designer of Russian origin, a member of the Guild of Architects of France, took an active part in this. As a result of joint work, new and new collections are born from season to season, satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers.



At ODALIA, you can often find models of a semi-fitting silhouette. One of the most popular options is wide jumpers, or oversize models. They can be made of both very voluminous and fine yarn, the main thing here is the cut.



Premium and Casual capsule collections are released 2 times a year (spring-summer, autumn-winter), they are well equipped both with each other and with another wardrobe. The brand's products can be worn both on the way out and in everyday life, it will always look appropriate and stylish.



Now there are already 2 catalogs for the autumn-winter 2023-2024 season, and the brand accepts pre-orders for the upcoming season from wholesale buyers.


The basis of the premium line is made up of suits, both trousers and with a skirt. These are also dresses, cardigans, jumpers and skirts.



Things from the ODALIA brand are classic style, trends and sports chic, chic knitwear exclusively made of premium natural materials of European quality. Most of the composition of the products is high-quality yarn from the world's best manufacturers: merino wool, cashmere, angora, baby alpaca, cotton, viscose. Elastane and nylon are also added to some models for durability and efficiency.


All ODALIA knitwear undergoes WTO (wet-heat treatment), which minimizes shrinkage, provided that the products are properly cared for.


The brand offers a large size range from 42 to 56 sizes, which is important for Russian fashionistas.


To buy wholesale collections of women's clothing from the ODALIA brand, register on the b2b site "Fashion magazin" and send orders inside your personal account.


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Download the catalog for buyers