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Outerwear wholesale: Scandinavian fashion from MARITTA


The famous, unique, recognizable Maritta brand is represented in more than 1000 stores of all major shopping centers in Russia.


Rich colors, high-quality cut and modern models - the design of the collections satisfies every taste. Maritta is perfect for fashionable and elegant women. In Maritta jackets, you can forget about the bad weather. Many of them are equipped with removable natural fur on the hood. 



A distinctive feature of coats, raincoats and jackets of the Finnish brand Maritta are the latest high-tech fabrics, such as Marittech Pro Laminate, Marittech Super Laminate, Marittech Cotton Touch. Fabrics have breathable, waterproof, water- and dirt-repellent properties, which ensures comfort and durability during daily use, as well as ease of care. After repeated washings, jackets do not require additional care.


In the manufacture of jackets and coats, manufacturers use ISOSOFT® filler, which is the leader among European insulation materials and is a unique material with a high thermal insulation ability with an almost imperceptible weight.


Materials, cut, design – all this is formed by the peculiar climate of Finland, famous for its snowy winters. 


A new, winter Maritta collection!

As always, it is gorgeous and not repeatable!




Maritta is a combination of comfort, practicality and high quality. 


The entire production process – work with a variety of materials and the latest equipment – is managed by experienced employees. All products undergo a three-stage quality control system so that each product pleases customers with its appearance and performance.


All new collections and working conditions can be found at the brand's office near the center of Moscow.


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