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The company Marions Planet has been successfully operating in the Russian market of children's textiles for more than 15 years. We cooperate with representatives of all regions of Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries. Extensive work experience testifies to a positive reputation, and we can confidently say thatMarions Planet It is a reliable, stable and development-oriented company.



Why is it profitable to cooperate with us?


For many years we have been selecting the best Turkish brands and forming fashionable and stylish collections for children and teenagers. Well-established cooperation with manufacturers, timely direct deliveries from Turkey allow us to offer customers seasonal novelties long before the opening of the season.


We are a major supplier of children's clothing in Moscow. This is evidenced by a huge range of clothing and popular brands. Understanding the requirements of customers not only to the beauty and style of clothing, but first of all to the quality, we control the process of creating collections.



At the same time, prices for children's clothing are average, which is very attractive to modern entrepreneurs from all over the country. We also hold regular promotions and sales.

The office and warehouse of the company are located in Moscow near the metro, you can see all the proposed models live in our showroom.

A reliable partner is half the success of your business. We believe that every customer is priceless, so we always fulfill our obligations and meet our customers halfway. To all entrepreneurs who want to build and develop a stable business, the wholesale company Marions Planet offers long-term, comfortable and mutually beneficial cooperation.