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Eagle looking at the Sun


The history of the brand's creation begins in the 70s of the last century, when a skilled German tailor Reinhold Richter offered his customers the first collection of clothing Marc Aurel, combining the traditional German quality of tailoring with the aura of the style of sunny Italy.


Marc Aurel brand showcase on the Fashion magazin platform


In those years, the soul of women sought to free themselves from the limitations of everyday life to the music of Celentano and Toto Cutugno, and to this day the fleur of that time permeates every collection of Marc Aurel, manifesting itself in flying silhouettes, bright colors and mischievous combinations. The pilot batch of clothes, released in 1972, instantly found loyal customers who appreciated "clothes that open the soul". Quality and style led to a stable demand for products, and therefore it was decided to continue development. And by 1979, the brand Marc Aurel represented a full range of women's clothing, and since 2003 Marc Aurel, like world-famous brands, produces two seasonal collections per year - spring-summer and autumn-winter.


Marc Aurel: the best of the best


The brand logo has the wings of an eagle drawn on it, which symbolize the freedom, strength and vigilance of this bird, because Marc Aurel clothing gives its clients freedom of expression, strength in overcoming life difficulties and a vision of future trends in order to keep up with the times, but at the same time remain themselves; an eagle soaring above the world of everyday life.


The brand's clients do not waste money on trifles, including in clothes, preferring high quality and style to the mass market and cheap sales. Marc Aurel is also guided by this in the production of clothing: the best European fabrics and accessories, strict quality control of tailoring and special style solutions. At the same time, prices remain quite affordable for the Russian middle class.


Marc Aurel brand showcase on the Fashion magazin platform


Traveling, designers Marc Aurel draw inspiration for their collections in different parts of the globe: the flowering of terry chrysanthemums in Chinese gardens, safaris in East Africa, student parties at American universities and medieval traditions of Britain.


Marc Aurel – this is an enchanting holiday that organically integrates into everyday life, it is a rainbow of colors in the city sky, it is femininity and light outrage.


Client Marc Aurel is cheerful and active. Her favorite brand lives up to date with her. She is successful, she has no age – she is always a little over 30. She has a unique style: she easily integrates her everyday look into an outfit for a special occasion, adding or changing individual details.


More and more often, life throws exciting challenges to modern women. Both in the director's chairs and at the head of the family, they combine a variety of roles. In life, they are independent, far-sighted, friendly and ready to compromise. They believe in real values that never go out of fashion, and this is exactly what is part of the philosophy of Marc Aurel.


In each collection Marc Aurel there is a fashion line of clothing in a rich color and fabric palette, as well as a business line in the traditional black-blue-white range. The fashion line is complemented with accessories in the appropriate styles (belts, shawls and stoles).


Marc Aurel brand showcase on the Fashion magazin platform


A selection of fabrics - from flowing printed high-quality viscoses to traditional Italian natural wool. Fabrics are purchased by designers at the best European exhibitions and undergo strict quality control and testing before tailoring.


For store owners clothing Marc Aurel This is a sure path to success, as the richness of colors and stylistic solutions attract different target groups of customers.


Clothing production was initially located in Germany, but the growing sales volume could not be provided by German factories, so today Marc Aurel places clothing production in Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania), Turkey and Asia (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea) under the strict supervision of supervisors from Germany. The change of the place of sewing collections did not affect the sympathies of buyers, who are becoming more and more not only throughout Europe, but also in Canada, the USA, Australia and Asia.


Marc Aurel brand showcase on the Fashion magazin platform


The brand's stores are located in almost all countries of Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. Distribution of turnover: exports 55%, Germany 45%. More than 60 retail outlets of the brand's collections are now open in the CIS and Baltic countries, including Russia, so the opening of a corner or a store Marc Aurel is promising.


Author: Maria Ramzina