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The Madame T brand has been around since 1996. The brand's collections are focused on stylish and business residents of the metropolis and meet the most current fashion trends. "Madame T" is a clear cut that emphasizes the dignity of the figure, comfort and high-quality fabrics, as well as a reasonable price.


Girl in madame T dresses on the street


The brand's assortment includes items for the office and formal evening events. Thanks to the creative approach of the brand's designers to the entire process of creating collections, Madame T models form a holistic bright image that distinguishes a woman from the crowd.


Girl in a yellow jacket madame T casual style




The full production cycle and control at every stage, from model development to sale to the end consumer, ensure a wide size range (from 42 to 62), high product quality and maximum audience coverage. The models of the brand "Madame T" are sewn from the best cotton, blended and woolen fabrics and are harmoniously combined with each other.


The brand produces several collections per season and provides wholesale buyers with the opportunity to select their own model line. Things from Madame T will fit perfectly into the format of a multi-brand store.


Madame T company plans to significantly expand production and increase the product range, so it is already in search of new interesting partners.