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Lucky Child is a Russian manufacturer of children's designer clothing, which has been on the market since 2009 and is a leader in the segment of clothing for children from 0 to 3 years.



Over the years, the company has released more than 50 collections. Lucky Child use only natural materials of the highest quality, for printing  water-based hypoallergenic paints. All designs and technologies are thought out   our clothes are very high quality. All products comply with GOST requirements and have full product certification.


Advantages of the brand Lucky Child :

  • 100% quality cotton «foam». The fabric is smooth, delicate, resistant to washing, retains its shape;
  • zipper limiter. You will not pinch the child's neck;
  • only wide elastic bands that do not press   additional elastic band so that the pants do not slip and do not press on the tummy;
  • prints with water-based paint do not cause allergies, and their quality is not afraid of stretching, does not fade from numerous washes;
  • for small sizes  seams outward;
  • additional amplifier in all models with buttons, the patterns take into account the anatomy and size of our children.