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16.03.2022 | Лидия Соколова

LISCA swimsuit. Merged or separate?

How often in the head of a woman carefully studying a set of clothes, there arises "Oh, if only the same, but with mother-of-pearl buttons!" Or when looking at a separate swimsuit "Oh, if only the same, but merged, in the pool"!


In the collections of the LISCA brand, the answer to such a question is often solved simply. There are capsules that can be mixed. And in one color / with one print, different designs are possible, for every taste. 




Lisca today consists of more than 130 own and franchised stores. Lisca products are sold in more than 40 countries. A variety of styles for different occasions - from bold, fashionable and energetic to elegant and feminine, or classic and functional. The swimwear collection is also complemented by beachwear and accessories. 


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Since January 2016, a subsidiary of the Lisca brand has been operating in Moscow, LLC "LISCA FASHION". There is a warehouse for direct wholesale sales in Moscow, which minimizes delivery times and logistics costs. 


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