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07.02.2022 | Лидия Соколова

What should be the underwear of your dreams?

According to the results of the reviews of many clients of the LISCA brand, underwear worn by a woman has several important criteria, features, due to which the choice is made:


- comfort, tactility

- perfect fit on the figure

- a large size grid so that you can choose exactly your own

- reliable breast support, even if it is a large size

- quality materials

- a woman should feel confident and beautiful in this underwear

- it is unacceptable that the laundry is rubbed somewhere

- underwear should be such that you can move freely in it



To create the perfect underwear, it is important to study the demand and needs of clients. LISCA treats this with special attention, always collecting feedback from partners who purchase new collections.


Based on the above criteria, work on products in LISCA is being built.


On our platform "Fashion Magazin" we introduce you to proven brands that have been pleasing their customers and partners with quality and modern style for years.


LISCA women's collections are:


1. Several lines of underwear: 

  • Lisca Selection. Extravagant and seductive lingerie. Bold cut, exquisite materials and luxurious details
  • Lisca Fashion. Elegant and feminine underwear. Fashion, quality and practicality. Permanent and seasonal models
  • Lisca Cheek. The youth brand Cheek by Lisca. Colorful, playful and stylish.
  • Lisca Basic. Basic underwear for every day. Classic and functional styles in basic colors. 

Lisca underwear is created for pleasure, comfort and confidence.


2. Swimwear and accessories


A variety of styles for different occasions - from bold, fashionable and energetic to elegant and feminine, or classic and functional. The swimwear collection is also complemented by beachwear and accessories.




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