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29.04.2019 | Альбина Весина

KB MOOHA: Knitting art for an active life

If this morning you barely had time to treat yourself to breakfast and coffee, and then left the house and for the whole day you were swirled by a whirlwind of affairs, events, meetings, movements, decisions, proposals, questions, surprises and force majeure, then you will confirm:To complete this quest, it is important to feel great, enjoy your own reflection in the mirror and be confident in yourself.


So meet: KB MOOHA a women's brand of active and bright clothing that has come into your life to add colors, experiments, inspiration, lightness and comfort to it.

Today, versatility is exactly what we are waiting for in all spheres.We like it when tasks are solved quickly and comprehensively, it's so convenient! We certainly do not want to change clothes during the day (unless, of course, we are talking about an evening event)and we don't want to feel constrained and uncomfortable. We want to keep up with everything – meet friends, take a walk with a child, get out into nature, do shopping, solve pressing issues, go to the cinema or on a date.To live at this pace, you need a suitable wardrobe.


Founder of the brand KB MOOHA Anna Berezueva realized the basic idea of her future project while sitting on an Emirates plane, flying at an altitude of 10,000 meters above the ground.The designer looked around, thought about all the modern girls whose life passes in a frenzied rhythm, is full of events, adventures and travels, and realized that they are all united by the desire to feel beautiful and confident every day, the whole day, no matter what happens! After all, it is so important in this turbulent flow of unpredictable life not to doubt for a minute that you look great.

Anna already had more than 10 years of experience working with Italian women's fashion, which allowed her to easily launch her "Fly". By the way, the image of this creation is often used in the images of the brand in the form of emblems, embroideries, prints and applications.



The fly is an important link in the ecosystem, therefore, the KB MOOHAattaches great importance to the environmental friendliness of the product and ensures that the main material in all collections of the brand is cotton knitwear, based on 95% consisting of cotton, which is purchased in Europe from the most modern and humane producers. The quality of the material makes it versatile (everything we love!), because it is practical to wear, easy to care for and comfortable at all temperatures, it protects from overheating in the heat, but at low temperatures it retains heat.


And most importantly, KB MOOHA treats knitwear as an art. Each image is seen as a canvas that can be turned into an event, into a masterpiece, into an art statement. The designers of the brand find inspiration in painting of various schools and eras, from Surrealists to pop art. Kazimir Malevich, Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko  geniuses suggest plots, moods and ideas, and designers already boldly combine colors, use color-blocking, and sometimes switch to expressive strokes and drawings.



To determine the brand's style, it would be best to use the characteristic athleisure, because it perfectly conveys the mood KB MOOHA – harmonious union of sports (with its characteristic thoughtfulness, brightness and relevance) and a relaxed, comfortable mood of rest.


This is exactly the style preferred by Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid and other divas of the millennial era. It has a typical Los Angeles spirit of freedom, self-acceptance and indifference in its best sense, but to this the creators of the brand have added thoughtfulness, functionality and more complex forms that adapt images to the reality in which we live.



It is easy to notice that the universal style in reading KB MOOHA does not look androgynous at all and does not have a prefix "unisex"KB MOOHA is endowed with a pronounced feminine character and handwriting, which is felt in silhouettes and proportions. After all, the brand's vocation is to help girls stay feminine, playful, easy and attractive, even when they have to cope with a million things at the same time, like real superheroes!