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27.12.2018 | Альбина Весина

KB MOOHA: normal flight

Russian women's clothing brandKB MOOHA – the very case when you believe: Russian means excellent. The brand is equally loved by both buyers and buyers. The first – for excellent patterns, high-quality fabrics and precision lines, the second – for an individual approach to each partner and support at all stages of cooperation.


KB MOOHA: special offer


Collections from KB MOOHA, which the designers themselves position as stylish things for every day, are elegant and versatile, they can be placed equally easily both in a huge department store and in a tiny one a cozy boutique.

The brand always helps partners to develop a turnkey concept, supporting them with promotional materials and recommendations for an individual assortment, taking into account the climate and other features of the region. The unique design, jewelry approach to the development of patterns (each product fits perfectly, regardless of the individual parameters of the figure) and the purchase of natural fabrics and accessories from European suppliers make clothes a favorite among the brand's partners.

Brand items can be easily combined, supplemented, which helps to increase the average purchase receipt. Models KB MOOHA are comfortable in any season, ideal for traveling and walking, look good on girls and women of any age.


KB MOOHA: special offer

The brand offers very flexible terms of cooperation:

  • sewing in small batches;
  • wide range of sizes – from 40 to 52;
  • the possibility of ordering incomplete rows of one unit per article (the company recommends from 3 sizes per article);
  • the ability to purchase from the assortment of the basic collection at any time, as well as place a pre-order at production;
  • possibility of exchange and return of warehouse balances;
  • a complete package of documents for products, including a certificate of conformity;
  • discount system up to 50%, depending on the volume of purchases;
  • representation of all partners on the website and in social networks.

KB MOOHA: special offer

The collections of KB MOOHA are made in a limited edition, where each model is a union of the painstaking work of a team of professionals. Buyers get not only high quality and elegance, but also individuality, which is especially valuable in a world where multinational brands rule.

Special offer: when placing an order from the platform "Fashion magazin" up to 5 units are issued with a deferred payment for two months and with the right of refund. The offer is limited in time. Check the duration of the promotion with the manager when ordering.