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21.11.2018 | Альбина Весина

KB MOOHA: New collection 2019

The Russian brand of stylish youth knitwear KB MOOHA has released a new collection of women's clothing for every day Lifestyle.




The key features of the new collection are cutting-edge design, practicality and functionality. The designers of the brand know for sure that the main thing for its audience is to be on trend, so they take into account the current fashion trends of the new season in all collections. KB MOOHA creates things that allow her customers to keep up with the times, remain feminine and at the same time feel as comfortable as possible in any circumstances.


The original branded print and embroidery allow the owner of clothes from the brand MOOHA to look extraordinary and stand out from the crowd, but not at the expense of shocking, but thanks to her own personality.



The collection includes soft and cozy sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, pencil skirts and slits of different lengths (from mini to midi), knitted pantsuits and dresses, jackets with stitching and much more. Interesting geometric prints, colorblocking and a pleasant pastel color scheme allow you to combine any models of the collection with each other. Clothes for home, for walking, for sports and friendly gatherings.

KB MOOHA: Your Lifestyle, Your Lifestyle.

Special offer! When placing an order from the Fashion magazin platform, up to 5 units are issued with a deferred payment for 2 months and with the right of refund. The offer is limited in time. Check the promotion period with the manager when ordering.