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ISEL is a harmonious combination of simplicity, restraint and sophistication.


ISEL is a brand of children's clothing, whose philosophy has a deep mission to enable every mother to give her child convenience and comfort through the tenderness of Italian knitwear.



The brand offers to buy wholesale high-quality knitwear for children of all ages, both for toddlers and older children. The line of school uniforms deserves special attention. ISEL creates a stylish school uniform that meets the dress code and the latest fashion trends, which children wear with pleasure. The brand's assortment also includes casual clothes and beautiful outfits for special occasions.


How does the company manage to keep the product quality at a high level?


The main thing that distinguishes ISEL from competitors is the unsurpassed quality of knitwear, which retains its original appearance even after several seasons with regular wear. How does the brand manage to achieve this?



To do this, ISEL carefully controls the production process at all stages: from choosing a yarn supplier to finding the perfect accessories. In its collections, the brand uses eco-friendly, natural materials that create a feeling of a second skin, which is especially to the liking of little fidgets.


It is worth noting the practicality of ISEL clothing. All knitted knitwear products are manufactured on the advanced German equipment of the well-known TONE company, which additionally undergo strength tests. Thus, the brand can guarantee high quality products of the European level. 
Caring for ISEL knitwear will also not cause trouble: self-washing is enough, the brand's products do not need dry cleaning, so children can wear ISEL clothes every day, and parents do not worry about getting dirty. 



The quality of ISEL's clothing is also confirmed by the All-Russian forum "Buy Russian", which awarded the brand with a special prize "Revival" for the production of high-quality products and a medal "Golden Sirin" of the first degree for the collection "Beauty since childhood".


Advantages of ISEL


In each ISEL product, care is traced for the main characters of life - children, for whom clothes are created from the best Italian raw materials, while being easy to maintain. The relevance of the models is ensured by timely deliveries according to the season, which will increase, and thanks to the hard work of the brand's designers, the assortment range will expand every month, reflecting the main global trends. These factors make up the price of the products, but you can be sure that the investment in ISEL clothing justifies its investment. 


The company is based in Russia, which is why it is possible to reduce the long chain of mediation. In the near future, the brand plans to scale and establish cooperation with international marketplaces in order to distribute high-quality Italian knitwear from the Russian manufacturer ISEL even to the farthest regions, so that every mother can evaluate the advantages of the products offered and receive a well-deserved compliment to her choice for the child and the expected question: "Wow! And where did you buy it?»