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JSC "INPC TLP" - House of Light industry



INPC TLP House of Light Industry invites industry professionals to cooperate in all areas of interest to you: joint development and research, development of standards, certification, etc.
The unification of science and production, the participation of industry professionals in the work of standardization committees, joint work on whitewashing the market will help not only the revival of the House of Light Industry, but also contribute to the development of the industry. 




1) Research and Development (R&D): textile direction and direction leather, shoes, fur, leather goods.

2) Certification body. Mandatory certification of light industry products for compliance with the requirements of the TR CU.

3) Industry testing Center: tests for certification (declaration), tests as a separate service (separate types of tests), tests for R&D, tests to confirm compliance with the requirements of service stations, technical specifications, contracts, etc.


4) Standardization direction.There are two technical committees for standardization: TC 442 «Light industry products » and TC 424 «Shoe, leather products and the leather goods industry». 

5)Information and Analytical Center.Textile and light industry analytics; assessment of the industry's production and financial capacities; identification of key development trends; marketing research; news digests (Russian and world agenda), infographics, expert thematic reports.


In 1927, the Central Research Institute of the Textile Industry (TSNITI) was established: a branch research institute. Until 1935, a technical base was created and methodological foundations were developed for conducting scientific research and testing materials. 

In 1935, TSNITI was reorganized into the Central Research Institute of the Cotton Industry (TSNIHBI).

During the Great Patriotic War, the Institute was evacuated to Kostroma and continued its work and research. 

Awarded several major awards for achievements in the industry:
In 1942, textile chemist A.A. Kopyev and chemical engineer of the Institute E.A. Blekhman together with professor of the Moscow Art Institute named after D. I. Mendeleev Z.A.Rogovin was awarded the Stalin Prize for the development of a method for obtaining fire-resistant and waterproof fabrics. In 1952, the Stalin Prize for the automation of textile production processes was awarded to a group of eight scientists, including three employees of the Institute. In 1978, for his great contribution to the development of the textile industry, TSNIHBI was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.


In 1986, the Intersectoral Scientific and Technical Complex "Textile" (one of 22 similar complexes in the USSR) was created, in which 80 organizations and enterprises of various industries participated.

In 2010, TSNIHBI was renamed the "Central Research Textile Institute" (TSNITI) with the transformation from FSUE to JSC.

In 2013, an Innovative Research and Production Center for Textile and Light Industry (INPC TLP) was established on the basis of TSNITI, with the participation of five other scientific institutes.