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16.05.2019 | Лидия Соколова

Holofiber is protected in the Republic of Belarus

The National Intellectual Property Center of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus has extended the registration of trademark No. 40613 "Holofiber" until 2029.


Holofiber brand

Brand «Holofiber» – a registered trademark of the Russian company«Thermopol», the production of which is located at two sites in Moscow and the Moscow region. The brand's products are popular with Belarusian manufacturers of fashionable clothing, uniforms and workwear, as well as manufacturers of upholstered furniture and bedding.But more and more often they have to deal with counterfeit goods.This misleads consumers about the properties, qualities and operational features of the products.

Brand «Holofiber» – is best known as the name of non-woven products in Russia. He was awarded the OTZ mark (well-known trademark, No. 101). The company "Thermopol" controls sales of non-woven products in Kazakhstan and Ukraine, where the brand is also registered.

"The relevance of the protection of technologies and commodity intellectual property in the Republic of Belarus has been significantly increasing recently.Against the background of Russian import substitution, Belarusian manufacturers of nonwovens, including microfibre, are showing increasing interest in supplying products to the territory of the Russian Federation, fulfilling orders for the manufacture of products under Russian brands, thereby exacerbating competition in the domestic market. Trademark protection in such an environment becomes of paramount importance"

Victor Gontar, General Director of LLC "Thermopol"

In 2019-2020,"Thermopol" will hold planned actions together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus to identify and suppress the illegal use of the trademark "Holofiber". The measures will affect both Belarusian manufacturers and sellers of nonwovens and final products, clothing, shoes, mattresses, furniture, home textiles, etc., the company's press service reports.


Photo: LLC "Thermopol"