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18.12.2018 | Альбина Весина

Awards "Thermopol" 2018

Since 2006, the company «Thermopol» (nonwovens factories, the leading domestic developer and manufacturer «Holofiber») has been awarding awards for popularization of the latest technologies in the field of production and application of nonwovens. According to the results of 2018, the company "Thermopol" awarded industry specialists and a number of Russian companies.



The long list was traditionally formed throughout the year, it included more than 100 applicants for individual awards and more than 200 for collective awards.The shortlist was formed by the end of December and put to the vote. The decision on awarding was made by a majority vote of the members of the Expert Council (Chairman – Viktor Gontar, CEO of the company «Thermopol», member of the Management Board of the RSPTLP «Soyuzlegprom»).


Individual awards

  • Evgeny Rumyantsev, Doctor of Economics, Acting Rector of the Ivanovo State Polytechnic University for the formation of an innovative scientific, educational and practice-oriented consolidated environment in the field of nonwovens research.
  • Aslambek Aslakhanov, President of the International Association "Anti-Counterfeit"For organizing and holding the VI International Forum "Anti-Counterfeit" and updating the topic of illegitimate products on the Russian nonwovens market"
  • Andrey Churaev, General Director of the Bosco Manufactory for the selfless development of the light industry of the Russian Federation, the construction project of the Hope factory in Kaluga, the active use of nonwovens in import-substituting products
  • Ivan Eremenko, Director of the open-air Music Festival #MayParty2018 For non-standard demonstration of the unique acoustic properties of non-woven materials Holofiber ® ACOUSTICS »
  • Galina Bosaya, singer, group BOSÁYA  «For the creation of the 1st acoustic rehearsal studio for children and professional musicians using new acoustic technologies Holofiber®»
  • Vyacheslav Savinov, Executive Director of the Russian Union of Chemists, Honorary Chemist of the Russian Federation For updating the problem of processing of hydrocarbon raw materials in the Russian Federation for the accelerated development of technical textile technologies in the country's industry.
  • Nadezhda Kornilova, General Director of the Textile and Light Industry Engineering Center, for her contribution to the scientific research of innovative textile materials and active support of Russian producers introducing products of deep processing of raw materials.
  • Elizaveta Repkina, Director for Interaction with Public Authorities of JSC "FPG Energokontrakt" For effective measures of assistance and certification support of domestic manufacturers of nonwovens in the market of PPE".

Thermopol Awards 2018


Collective awards

  • The organizers of the III Innovation Forum «45° North latitude», the Russian-Chinese High Technology Forum and the Harbin International Exhibition of Scientific and Technical Achievements in China – «For the promotion of Russian technical textile technologies, «the next step» light industry and a series of international presentations composite materials on a fibrous (non-woven) basis"
  • The Holofiber Collaboration project ® A1 – « For the development of quilted package solutions with innovative fabrics, the opening of a brand section in Moscow and a non-standard solution in the implementation of consumer requests for materials through the hollowfiber»
  • The Union of Young Scientists of the Kosygin Russian State University "For organizing and conducting the First Open Youth hackathon "Start-up" and effective brainstorming on innovations in the field of technical textiles"
  • Kazan National Research Technological University (KNITU) "For the development of the 2018-2021 research program of innovative nonwovens"
  • Saratov National Research State University named after N.G.Chernyshevsky (SSU) "For the development of membrane technologies adapted for use with non-woven materials, their modification and improvement of properties, qualities and operational characteristics"
  • The Organizing Committee of the I All-Russian Competition of Young Scientists "Light Industry" –  «For updating the research of young manufacturing scientists on the topics: technical textiles, nonwovens, self-regulating fibers, thermal insulation materials »
  • The Organizing Committee of the Forum «Sport. Tourism. Business. A look into the future» «For holding events dedicated to the introduction of innovative safe technologies in industrial facilities and products of the sports industry»
  • The research group of the Don State Technical University "For the analysis of non-woven insulated uniforms for drivers"
  • The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan "For the introduction of thermal insulation materials "Holofiber" in a new uniform for military personnel"
  • Soyuzlegprom Research and Technology Center "For popularization of the latest technological solutions in the field of technical textiles application abroad"
  • The company "Ostek-ArtTul" is the exclusive representative of Hirox on the territory of Russia and CIS countries "For technical support of the promotion "The main thing is inside!», popularization of microscopy of nonwovens by means of high-precision Japanese optics Hirox»
  • Developers of the online platform "Fashion magazine" For the implementation of the idea of public talk, an open public communication of light industry professionals on the most problematic topics of the development of technical textiles in the Russian Federation"
  • The company "Smart-T", the official dealer of Mimaki – «For successful experiments in applying images to volumetric nonwovens Holofiber®»
  • Developers of the super collection «Comforter» (improved UAZ SUVs) – «For the upgraded series of cars «Loaf», the diverse use of thermal insulation and noise-absorbing non-woven materials Holofiber®»
  • The company "AMETHYST" (materials and accessories for furniture) – «For the opening of an effective trading platform on the resource with the direct sale of nonwovens for furniture and mattress production»
  • Portal Administration – «For the support of domestic developers and manufacturers of nonwovens ».

Congratulations to the 2018 laureates!


Photo: «Thermopol»