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22.11.2018 | Альбина Весина

Holofiber®: what to do with counterfeit

Representatives of the plant «Thermopol», the developer of nonwovens and the owner of the brand Holofiber®, in the framework of the forum "Anti-counterfeit" announced the most effective, in their opinion, methods of combating counterfeit. Their key idea is that if intellectual activity is analyzed as one of the objects of counterfeit attacks, then it is necessary to fight counterfeit using intellectual methods. This is the only way to be one step ahead.


The forum "Anti-counterfeit" is not only the main discussion expert platform of the Eurasian Economic Union, where they discuss the protection of the market from counterfeiting and falsification, the harmonization of legal regulation, but also a place to discuss the commercialization of the results of intellectual activity.


Anti-counterfeit Holofiber


Over the years, the company "Thermopol" has developed and continues to adapt, taking into account the dynamics of the market, production and intellectual processes, the so-called anti-counterfeit methodology. It is based on the capabilities of Russian and international legislation, the specifics of markets and the analysis of business processes that affect the appearance and presence of illegitimate products on domestic and external sites.


Counterfeit is a contradiction. On the one hand, society is categorically against counterfeiting, on the other hand, it often makes a choice in its favor. As a result, counterfeit: 1) bribes the consumer cheaply or 2) crudely uses his ignorance and ignorance, for which, as you know, you always have to pay. Both, being quite understandable and vital phenomena, are flawed and uncivilized. The society, recognizing the general rules, accepts for itself, as an acceptable exception, a particular rule: the rule of violation of the rules. Alas, society often later repents and rhetorically complains that the rules were "not correct enough".


It is quite obvious that counterfeit is a threat. Planned business processes, civilized trade with clear rules, safety of health, life – all this is at risk due to counterfeiting. At the same time, manufacturers often face a difficult question: "Do you care about yourself or do you fight?»


It is pointless to argue with the fact that a stable brand and a proven manufacturer is a guarantee of quality, reliability and safety. Such a guarantee is backed by a system of long-term work and a complex of purposeful activities: investments in development (raw materials, technologies, risks), improvement, modification, research, tests, demonstration of new products, etc.



Counterfeit in modern conditions is a series of diverse issues. For example, whose tasks include the detection, prevention and suppression of counterfeit activities? In practice, this is part of the tasks of a conscientious commodity producer, a brand owner who guarantees, by definition, proven quality, and therefore safety. This is the principle of "Protect your own!"But the problem of counterfeiting is complicated by other issues, for example, whether it is a violation not to disclose an obvious violation or how to act in these situations to legitimate participants.

The essence of the anti-counterfeit technique from the company "Thermopol":

  1. to form and develop a brand;
  2. create, retain and expand a pool of legitimate consumer companies;
  3. carry out explanatory, educational work, popularize data on the properties, qualities, operational features of branded products;
  4. improve the quality of our own developments;
  5. use the opportunities of the legislation of the Russian Federation, apply strict prohibitive measures, starting, in case of systemic violation of rights and damage to the reputation and business of the project, with the direction of a legal claim with a clear justification of the position of the legitimate owner;
  6. "recruit" counterfeiters into their supporters;
  7. develop a presence not only in domestic, but also in foreign markets;
  8. take into account that counterfeit is able to manage to popularize a legitimate product much more effectively and with disproportionately greater audience coverage than marketing and advertising budgets;
  9. to make the counterfeit "work effectively" for the legitimate owner, if the "fictitious" is effective" (for example, to identify the fastest-paying and low-cost niches, the most loyal consumer audiences, determine their specifics, specify the most effective and even innovative product groups, provide a ready-made production and market analytics, as well as a portrait of the violator, etc.);
  10. take into account that counterfeit stimulates the development of a more perfect legitimate product.

Photo: "Thermal floor"