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Windbreaker for girls

Vendor code: S-643

Windbreaker of semi-fitting silhouette, elongated. The sleeve is sewn in, two-seam, with a soft deflated shoulder line. Central zipper closure. Knitted collar. A yoke is made along the shoulder line. On the front in the chest area there is a curly undercut and reliefs from the undercut to the armhole. Zippered welt pockets are processed on the front. A curly undercut is made along the waistline of the backrest. The lower part of the backrest consists of three layers - the main and two decorative. The second layer with assembly along the line of pritachivaniya. The third is made of tulle, laid with soft folds. Sleeve with knitted cuff. The hood is fastened with a zipper. Along the edge of the hood in the central part there is a drawstring with an elastic band.

Decor: decorative zipper - central closure and pockets. Acrylic stones, rhinestones - the upper part of the back. Decorative knitwear - collar, sleeve cuffs. Tulle, finishing fabric - the lower part of the backrest.

110, 116, 122, 128, 134 cm
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