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Jacket for girls

Vendor code: S-604

The jacket has a rounded silhouette, with an elongated back. The model has no side seams, with curly cut-off barrels that create the shape of the product. The sleeve is sewn in, with a slightly lowered soft shoulder line. On the front and back in the shoulder area, the yoke is made. The clasp is a central zipper. The stand-up collar is one-piece with a hood. A model with a one-piece upper windproof strap, fastened with hidden buttons. The jacket is quilted with horizontal bulkheads. Pockets with hidden zippers are processed on the front. The bottom of the sleeve with a knitted cuff. The edge of the hood is assembled with an elastic band. The bottom of the product is curly.

Decor: brooch "bird" — right part of the front. Metallic edging, braid, rhinestones - shoulder, sleeve, butt stitch. Knitted decorative cuffs - the bottom of the sleeve.

110, 116, 122, 128, 134 cm
pale pink, steel
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