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Jumpsuit for girls

Vendor code: ZS-746

Jumpsuit with a central zipper and a pull-in sleeve. Stand-up collar. The inner part of the product has a knitted lining. The inner part of the collar is made of fleece. The clasp is made with a lower reinforced windproof strap. The product has horizontal bulkheads and slotted vertical zipper pockets. The bottom of the sleeves and legs are fitted with cuffs, which, if necessary, can be used to adjust the length. On the inside, the bottom of the jumpsuit is treated with a lower windproof cuff with an elastic band with latex. The hood is non-detachable, with a drawstring, adjustable elastic cord and stoppers.

Decor: decorative finishing zippers - central closure, pockets. Felt jewelry with embroidery and sewn rhinestones - front and left sleeve of the product.

86, 92, 98 cm.
gentle powder/berry foam
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